Tentative outline

Section I. Getting around Linux productively
Chapter 1. The Linux file system
Chapter 2. Valuable commands and examples
Chapter 3. Linux editors, shells and scripts
Chapter 4. Permissions, ownerships and security
Chapter 5. Manipulating files
Chapter 6. Processes
Chapter 7. Dealing with devices
Chapter 8. Backup and version control

Section II. Configuration and customization Issues for Programmers
Chapter 9. Installation considerations
Chapter 10. Configuration issues
Chapter 11. Customization for iteration enhancement
Chapter 12. Project architecture – source, specifications, documentation
Chapter 13. Other rapid application development techniques
Chapter 14. Test vs live data sets

III. An overview of programming tools
Chapter 15. Perl
Chapter 16. Python
Chapter 17. PHP
Chapter 18. C++
Chapter 19. Java
Chapter 20. Kylix
Chapter 21. Zope

IV. An overview of database backends
Chapter 22. MySQL
Chapter 23. PostgreSQL
Chapter 24. mSQL
Chapter 25. InterBase

V. Deployment
Chapter 26. Deployment on standalone machines
Chapter 27. Deployment on LANs
Chapter 28. Deploymnet on Web servers